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Our services are to provide a professional consultant for trade & travel planning as well as complete ground arrangement for any travelers and any groups to any destination around the globe. Our company consists of a group of experience travel expert and young enthusiastic team of people who have a good relationship and well connected with most of the Hotels, Travel Agents and Tour Operators around the world. We assure you that we would be able promote the events, boost up the numbers of delegates and visitors to attend the event and to provide, help Facilitate your valuable clients in term of travel related field for a memorable trip accordingly to their specific requirements and budget level. Moreover, we do work closely together with our travel network in ASEAN Countries, South Africa, Europe and U.S.A those are almost the leading travel agent in their own countries. We therefore ensure that we could provide the best services to your clients as well as an opportunity of business expanding through our network around the world.

The mission and objectives are to boost up the traffic for the events. How? The way we look at the nature and business of exhibitions also related events are to appoint those professional in travel related field like Universal Travel Link & Services to focus and emphasize in order to educate and inform prospect delegates, exhibitors, visitors, non business travelers to know about the events by word of mouth or direct marketing through our network around the globe. We must be submissive that one of the best alternatives to success globally is to demonstrate the best benefits for participating the exhibition and events. By using the Pull Elements factors to draw their attention to bring their positive attitude and to show them other benefits which are so called Travel Trade and Leisure Atmosphere.

As Novo Tours & Travels Limited is an established and experienced travel agent which can provide one stop services in term of travel related services to all delegates prior and after Travel to and when attend the events. We can promote the events by emphasizing the Knowledge, technology and innovation and services in the most dynamic way by reaching superior and various dimensions marketing channel. The most important things for us are to Support and help the organizers our clients work out this process in a manner that is seamless, assuring and reinforced with mutual trust. We consider ourselves as a travel trade and leisure solution, we work together with our travel network in both of ASEAN countries and worldwide to promote events and approached our clients from all over the world. Here are supportive answers of Why choose Universal Travel Link & Services as an official travel agent.


A land of unspoiled nature, rich cultural heritage and exotic beauty, Bangladesh is considered as one of the most potential country for eco-tourism among the South Asian countries. The unique composition of biological phenomenon with varied flora and fauna of this area has perhaps no match elsewhere in the world. We can proudly mention that Bangladesh is blessed with the three world’s splendid and enchanting eco-tourism spots of diverse nature –

Cox’s Bazar is the largest sea beach of the Bangladesh and also in the world. Most of inbound tourists visited this spot. There are a lot of hotel and motel side by the beach.  There is an airport in Cox’s Bazar, so the tourists can travel there in a short time.

The Sundarban, largest mangrove forest of the world having with rich bio-diversity and wide range of wildlife habitat including the world famous Royal Bengal Tiger and being the heritage site constitute the best spot for eco-tourism.

The third important sector is the rich tribal life of Chittagong hill tracts where over than 13 indigenous groups forming a luminous cultural landscape on the hilly topography, the ancient ruins of Mohasthangarh, Paharpur, Moinamati, Salban Bihar, the folkart tradition of Sonargoan of 300 BC are the most important tourist attractions.

Fourth sector is the most enchanting dreamland of eco-tourists, Sylhet which is popularly known as the land of two leaves and a bud, occupying a vast territory lying between the Khasia and Jointia hills on the north, and the Tripura hills of India on the south. The world’s largest tea gardens on the panoramic hill slopes of Sreemangol and the most fascinated tribal people like Monipure, Tripura, Khasia and Garo with their primitive life style and cultural excellence have made the real breakthrough in the world of Eco-Tourism.